This top of Cheryl’s makes #5 of 10 on the list so I’m halfway there.

Let’s just hope I remember the things I learned today the next time I try to do some stitch in the ditch.

1. Believe it or not, it was easier to put the machine in manual mode and slow WAY down. In stitch regulated mode if I went too slow I wobbled, too fast I wandered off my line.

2. I tried several different rulers and I had the best results with the Little Girl from Gadget Girls.

3. I don’t like doing stitch in the ditch!!!

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  1. I don’t like doing stitch in the ditch either, but love the way it looks. Everyone says it is so easy, but I think it is so hard to follow the lines! I was never a stay in the lines kind of girl.
    You did a great job on this one. Pat yourself on the back.

  2. I agree, SID is tricky! I like to do in on my DSM first then load it onto the longarm for any extra quilting I may want to do. I would like to get better at it on the longarm though. So I will keep practicing!

  3. Thanks for the tip. I have tried some stitch inthe ditch, but if I try it again I’ll remember what you said. I know it is difficult. Your quilt looks great.

  4. It looks great Mary. When I took a class with Pam Clarke at MQX she said whenever she does SITD she always uses Monopoly thread so if she does wobble, it isn’t as obvious.

    You did a great job.

  5. I think you did a great job on the quilt. I hope to remember about the stitch in the ditch tip next week. I’m going in for a longarm lesson. All I have to say is GREAT JOB

  6. I haven’t done too many juvenile prints in a quilt but the triangles are a lovely setting. Please tell your friend how much I like this quilt. (And your stitch in the ditch quilting looks great from here!)

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