I briefly thought about piecing today rather than quilting but after looking at the date (how did it get to be the 18?) I decided I needed to quilt.

This top for HeartStrings was pieced by Barbara in Florida — I have instructions for a quilt using this block call Boxed Squares on my MaryQuilts.com site but you’ll also find it called Cobblestones. Quilted with an allover wavy grid using the piecing lines of the block, this was a perfect one to follow the one from Saturday that I stitched in the ditch!

When quilting this grid I do all my horizontal lines first, and then reload the quilt in the other direction and do the crossing lines. Even with loading it twice, this is quick to quilt.

Do you see the cute backing? Thanks to Sheree from HeartStrings, who keeps me stocked with backings from donated fabric about 60% of all the backings for HeartStrings quilts are already pieced and ready to load.

While I love my stitch regulator, this was another one that was actually easier to quilt in manual mode.

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  1. This quilt looks spectacular! I love that wavy line! Are you doing this one freehand, or do you use a template? Another one for turning off the stitch regulator. LOL

  2. Love the new picture of Chesty in your banner.. He looks so cool in that cut and the quilt and flowers just add to the picture

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