How to?

Betty asked how to make Melva’s quilt and it’s really pretty easy.

The basic instructions for making a HeartStrings quilt are at this link:
Red HeartStrings Quilt

Melva added a 1/2 inch finished (cut 1 inch) solid black strip on either side of her center strip and then pieced the blocks as usual.

When the blocks are assembled – it looks like an on point setting with sashing…meaning it looks harder than it is!

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  1. Thank you Mary !!
    I love this quilt so much I am using it as a screen saver.

    Okay,now I do understand how you got the black in the block !! Thanks so much!!

  2. How easy is that?? Thanks for sharing the tip. Do you do the wavy line free hand? I’ve done that with my zigzag stitch on my dsm but with the long arm coming soon I’m paying close attention to all the long armers info. Thanks. Bonnie

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