I quilted another HeartStrings top today #8 of the 10 I’m trying to complete by the end of the month. Quilted with freehand flowers from the Pajama Quilter DVD.

Another backing pieced by Sheree from donated fabric — a big help!
Unfortunately these blocks had a lot of places along the seams where the fabric wasn’t stitched. At first, I thought there were just a couple and placed appliqued hearts over them but I quickly realized there were too many for that solution.

Typically, I’d try to turn a seam allowance under and hand stitch the seam but there was not an option here (and I’m really not sure I would have taken the time due to the number of seams) so I decided I’d just quilt a zig zag back and forth with the quilt on the longarm (remember there’s a muslin foundation here too so there’s a layer between the block and batting).

It’s a very *visible* repair when you’re just looking at it like this but once the top was quilted not nearly so noticeable. It’s a good reminder for all of us making HeartStrings blocks to be diligent about our seam allowances and to check the blocks as we’re pressing for any issues.

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  1. We’ve run into that problem, too. Lots of very well intentioned but novice stitchers have been making these blocks. Still, we usually work it out and the finished quilts look great!

  2. I see that you’re back to a springy pic of Chesty, clipped, for a blog header… He’s so cute, how do you keep from just giving him smooches all the time and spoiling him?

    The freehand flowers look great too. 😉

  3. Great repair job! I never would have thought of that! I’m sure it is hardly visible at all with the machine quilting over it!

  4. Although, I’m sure your band-aid will work just dandy, did you know that Fray Check will act like a glue along the edges? (Last time I checked, JoAnne’s usually sells it.)

  5. good solution to a common problem with charity quilts -lovely bright fabrics and with the wonderful quilting-you do not notice those fixes.

  6. What a beautiful blog, I found you via QuiltSue! You’ve got plenty of time to finish your last 2 quilts before the end of May, there’s nothing like a deadline to focus one’s mind :o). I’ve been toying with the idea of the Accucut Go, I’m even more tempted now!

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