It’s SO hard to resist cutting out quilts with the GO Cutter. I should be loading another top on the longarm or piecing Adam’s Boxed Squares or making String Log Cabin blocks but I bought a rectangle die when I was in Nebraska the beginning of the month and with my 2 inch strip cutter coming in the mail today, I decided to cut out another quilt.

Vicki and I were shopping together in VA last year and saw a quilt with rectangles and 4 patches — both of us bought fabric but Vicki finished her quilt last November and of course, the fabric I bought has sat on the shelf.

Rather than use the larger rectangles like Vicki, I’m going to use my Brick die which is 3.5 x 6.5 inches. So I have 10 fat quarters for the bricks and by folding them into 5ths and trimming to 7.5 inches (that leftover strip will get tossed in my strings)…..
I can lay it on my die and cut 10 bricks at a time. Technically they say the GO should cut through 6 layers but I don’t have any problems cutting through this.
So in minutes all the bricks are cut and once the 2 inch strip die arrives, I’ll cut the green polka dot and the cream for the 4 patches.

I LOVE this cutter!! I’ve been anxiously waiting for new dies to be released and purchased 2 the other day but the NEXT ones I’m really anxious for — a 1.75 inch strip cutter, a drunkard’s path, and a fan still haven’t been released for the GO.

Now while I’m waiting for UPS, I’m going to go load another top.

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  1. I love all the things you are cutting out with the GO cutter. Wish I had one so saving my money to get one. Can’t wait to see this one sewn up.
    Diane in Alaska

  2. I watched them use one of these at the quilt show and fell in love! It’s definitely on my want list for later, right now no $$ with my son getting married and another preparing to leave for two years on a mission for our church that we will be paying for. I have time, I can be patient, LOL! Maybe the price will come down by the time I get one….well I can dream right?!

  3. You really have to quit making that GO cutter so irresistable! The thing about quilting I like least is the cutting. I think I’ll start saving for Christmas too.

  4. I think the Go Cutter people should put you on commission, Mary. I’m sitting here thinking, “hmmmmm….I wonder where they sell those in the UK?” LOL Have fun with your blocks. Your fabrics are lovely! Take care — Dianne B. in England

  5. That quilt is going to look great! I pulled mine out just a couple of weeks ago to use as my summer quilt. It’s the one that I used a flannel sheet for batting.

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