Losing focus

I’m not feeling like working off the *to do* list the last couple days and and have been working on my bricks quilt. The 2 inch strip cutter for the GO came on Thursday and I used it to cut the strips for the 4 patches.

The quilt taking shape on the design wall — I was a little worried about those reds but…
as I continued, they look fine as long as I distributed them throughout the quilt. There will also be one or two red borders to tie them all together.
I’ll stew over the final placement of these blocks for a little while, move them around a bit if needed and then get them sewn into a top.

As a general rule, Chesty prefers to be in the living room looking out the windows rather than in either of the sewing rooms but he did come up to visit me for a while this afternoon.

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  1. I always keep up with your blog, but don’t often comment, but just had to when I saw your 4 patches, I recognised them straight away! I have just finished a baby quilt with a windmill block using those two fabrics Lol

  2. I love the red in this Mary – it brings everything else to life.

    If Chesty is anything like Ben, he usually comes to my sewing room when he thinks I’ve spent enough time in there and it’s cuddle time for him!

  3. Mary, I LOVE the red!!! You may not be working off your to do list but you’re getting creative and getting stuff done. And Chesty is one happy looking pup!!

    Lori in VA

  4. This is really pretty fabric! I love the red in there, too. If you’re in the mood to cut and piece then that’s what you should do. VBG

  5. Oh Mary your colors in your Bricks & Stepping Stone Patter are so bright and cheerful. I just love this simple pattern from Bonnie Hunter – http://www.quiltville.com/bricksandstones.shtml

    From the photos, those reds remind me of mom's Poppies she use to have that were the first to bloom ever spring. 😉 Can't wait to see what boarders you have planned.

    Happy Weekend & Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  6. I think Chesty is SO adorable! Look at that FACE!! LOve that he strikes a pose whenever you take pictures of him. Thanks for sharing … we lost our “little girl” a few years ago and still miss her to this day … we’ve talked about getting a “replacement” but are going to wait until we retire. He certainly is a handsome fellow! I love the fabric in this quilt. I’m one of those people (like a lot of others) who love it when it’s all together but if you were to show me all the bolts together I wouldn’t be able to visualize it. Think that takes a special talent and you have it, Mary! Good job!!

    Linda (Flatlander)

  7. Chesty looks like he’s feeling pretty terrific these days…what a happy face!

    LOVE this quilt!!! Gorgeous fabrics. And with red in the mix, how could it ever be anything less than perfect?!

  8. I love your random. I love Chesty more!! We have just had some issues with Leo.. he is ok now.
    I just love all your quilting!!

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