Pink & Green

All I want to do is cut and piece! In addition to the 2 inch strip cutter, I also ordered the 4 inch half square triangle die for my GO. I’ve wanted to make a pink and green quilt for a while so I played some in EQ and I’m liking this one…I’d make it scrappy but I’m not sure I have the right shades of green in my stash.

Of course, I have a BUNCH of brown and pink fat quarters I bought at the quilt show in VA this past February….

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  1. I agree with Solvi about the green blocks “floating”. Browns are also good with aqua so you could save that fabrics for one of those quilts! I am NOT the person to dissuade you from getting more fabric … I have no willpower whatsoever!

    Flatlander (Linda)

  2. Very cool design! I love how complicated it looks, but that individual blocks are either pink or green (or brown). Can’t wait to see it pieced.

  3. I'm liking the pink & green – maybe a little shopping trip to enhance the green stash is in order?? Although pink & brown is lovely too. Brown is my current favorite color.

  4. Love both versions. Bless the people who created quilt programs for computers. They save us so much time with our designing and experimenting that we have more time for quilting. Looking forward to seeing which you decide to do.

  5. The brown looks great, I never would have guess it would go so well with the pink! I love the list of quilts to finish, too. I wish I was brave enough to hold myself to a quilting deadline!

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