Brown & Pink it is….

I just don’t have the greens in stash and Keith agreed that I should use what I have 🙂 So brown and pink it is….
Are you SICK of hearing about my GO? I’m even more in love with it after just a few minutes tonight….this quilt is ALL half square triangles and usually I use Thangles.

With the GO, I layer my two fabrics right sides together (6 – 8 layers total)
Take them over to my sewing machine…
run them through…..
There aren’t even any dog ears to trim! By the way…this isn’t how the block is laid out but I was just looking at them after piecing…very quick, very easy! I’ve got to get the 3 inch finished Die too!

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  1. I love what you show us what you can do with that go cutter. I really want one. Keep using it and showing us what you are making.
    Diane in Alaska

  2. Definitely not sick of hearing about the cutter, just a little jealous. With all the quilts you do, I’m sure you appreciate it.

  3. I was just at the sewing machine store today picking up my foot pedal (after my puppy chewed it up!!!) and I saw the Go Cutters and all of the dies there. I thought of you and then I thought of how much I wanted one, and then I thought of our checkbook and how it is sssooo not in the budget 🙁
    It seems almost too good to be true, almost too easy? Like its cheating. But I imagine this is how our grandmothers felt when rotary cutters and rulers were introduced? LOL!!

  4. Love the pink & brown combo very much.
    No dog ears to cut off-Reason enough to buy a GO cutter. That's my least favorite thing to do.

  5. I’m with everyone else, I love seeing what you can do with the GO and the more I see the more I want one! As Sue pointed out above, it’s not available in the UK yet, I wonder if I should become an agent ???

  6. Sick of hearing about the Go cutter? No way. Just makes me want one– and pretty soon I’ll be convinced, then I’ll get to figure out how to do the $$ for it. It’s great to learn all that can be done with it– so keep sharing, please. And that pink and brown combo is wonderful.

  7. No, not at all. I’m really leaning towards getting one after your success with it! Not something I would purchase without really getting a good review. (Thanks for being the guinea pig-LOL).

  8. Pink and brown is one of my favourite combinations – just like your ice cream quilt!

    I am so torn between ordering a GO cutter and the QuiltCut2. Do you find you have a lot of waste with the GO cutter?

  9. Every time you post about the GO cutter, I want one even more! But, my checkbook has the same problem as alot of other checkbooks. 🙁 So I will keep wanting and wait! I love pink and brown, heck I love everything. Thanks for sharing.

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