1. I like that quilting pattern. Did you free motion it or is there a panto? I don’t do very well with pantos so I’d probably FM it anyway.

  2. cute variation. I do a background fill similar to that…only on a much smaller scale.

    You could also use it for bubbles.

  3. Your brain must always be on overload MAry, poor you not sleeping. I am used to it now.
    Love the quilting pattern, there is another I have to give a go to.
    Jan x

  4. I’m sure the “twisted cats” are enjoying their curly strings! The quilting is awesome.

  5. Mary, Just wanted to say I thought of you all day yesterday (Tues.) and hope you are having a Happy Brithday! 😉 I know you enjoyed your cisit at the spa… too bad we couldn't all meet at one of these for a girls day out together and chat about quilt ideas while we had our pedicures and massages 🙂

    Love from Texas!

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