I’m getting a lot of reading done

What can I say…other than puttering around with the blocks on my design wall I’ve spent most of this week reading…..

Author: Daniel Silva

Title: Vision In White

Author: Nora Roberts

Author: John Sandford

Author: Lauren Weisberger

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  1. Glad it's not just me that spends half her life with her head in a book LOL. You can't beat a good book, even quilting gets neglected in this house! I'm tempted by an ebook reader (probably Sony, you can't buy Kindles in the UK), but I do prefer to borrow all my books from the library and I don't think they've got ebooks available.

  2. Hi Mary, since I've been away from reading your blog for a few weeks, you've changed your blog header, which I love by the way and have been a reading fiend!
    I also have been reading…Robert Crais and Harlen Coben. I just love anything these two guys write.
    Look them up. Both have great recurring characters.

  3. Mary,
    This post got me searching for so many books that I want to read!!! Where am I going to find the time? lol
    I'm reading the Harry Bosch series from Michael Connelly. I love cop books!
    Also, I just recently finished a book by Anne Rice. She has completely changed her genre. The book was “Christ the Lord Out of Egypt”. Really, really good.

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