I thought I’d alternate my string tumblers with multi colored ones — yuck! Too busy.
So I decided to try a kind of mottled solid — much better (even better than this photo shows) and surprisingly as I put the other pieces on the board — I’m liking how they look together so I guess I’m making two tumbler quilts. In quilting it pays to stay flexible and change things when they’re not working out like you’d like.

AND, I’m continuing to make half square triangles and assemble blocks for the Stars and Pinwheels and I’m really liking this one too! I have about 11 of the 30 blocks done.


  1. I like all 3 versions! You know what might be really neat in the blue tumbler quilt, is if you put a tumbler of a similar but slightly different blue fabric here and there for a bit of sparkle. You'd have to audition first because it might not work, but I generally like a little surprise in a quilt.

  2. Those tumblers look great and the pink and brown is really coming along. You sure get a lot done during your vaations!

  3. I found the the tumblers were busy enough and had to go with a solid alternate fabric, I LOVE the blue one…great job! Its fun seeing others making these now too!
    I plan on making a 1800 repro one as well and that I will use a variety of browns or maybe reds as the alternate tumbler
    the other idea I had was to frame the tumblers in a color, say blue, so all the outside pieces of the tumbler were blue then you could just do scrappy tumblers and no alternate fabric…
    worth a try
    would take a bit more planning though.

  4. I love the tumblers on the blue background. So, you're making 3 tumbler quilts plus your pinwheel one, all at once are you – that's what I call being busy.

  5. Tumblers are really cute. And I LOVE the stars and pinwheels. Super choice of colors! Janelle in Maryland

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