String pieced tumblers

I had a few question about how I was piecing the tumblers.

I used short strings to piece a square – no foundation
iron seams up
place the pieced fabric on the die
and cut. I usually layer 3 or 4 pieces at a time.

By the way, a lot of people ask about how much fabric is wasted on the GO. The blue triangle pieces in the above block are leftover from cutting my Kaleidoscope quilt. I sewed two together to get a rectangular strip and used many of them in the border of that quilt and am using the leftovers in these blocks.

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4 thoughts on “String pieced tumblers

  1. So nothing is wasted is it. I send all my 'bits' I cannot call them scraps!! to the school over the road, they make real good use of them all. Last year all the bits were used on the head of Methusela. She looked lovely, not scarey hahahaha Their Art Teacher is fantastic, she has really great ideas.
    lol Jan


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