What’s on your design wall?

It’s Monday again and Judy will be asking what’s on your design wall. I’m still working on the Stars and Pinwheels blocks but I’m also working on the string tumblers and during the night they starting taking over the wall.

Someone dragged my quilt off the ottoman so he could sit on it while he played with his toy — doesn’t he have a guilty look on his face?

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18 thoughts on “What’s on your design wall?

  1. Chesty just knows a comfy spot can always be made better with a nice quilt on it! lol The ultimate compliment, I think. But yes…he does look like he just got busted!!

    Lori in VA


  2. Who me? No, no … the “cat” did it, Mom!!! Adorable … absolutely adorable 😉 Thanks for adding a smile to my day … today was a “tough” Monday at work….

    Flatlander (Linda)


  3. Chesty is so darn cuteamous! And I love your tumbler blocks. Truly now, I've never seen one with strings and it just rocks! I'm always happy when I visit ~ except when you're off galavanting around as your known to do.

    World Traveller Luv, *karendianne.


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