No time for cleaning…

This is one disadvantage to going off in multiple directions…I’ve got piles everywhere and don’t want to put stuff away because the projects are still in progress.
I’m in the process of assembling the String Tumbler (inspired by Kathie) so I CAN put away the strings for now. Once that top is done, I’ll be back to work on the Stars & Pinwheels. I keep thinking the solution is more bins but that doesn’t seem to be working for me!

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  1. No, more bins isn't the solution. More rooms is the answer. You need one sewing room for each project, then you'll be really organised. Course, you do need to win the lottery first.

  2. Please don't hate me but I love seeing someone as talented as you with chaos all around. Makes me feel hopeful since I can show you virtually the same shot in my house.
    Sue is right-more rooms!

  3. If you find a solution, PLEASE let us know!! My current solution is to make quilt kits of everything that's out — a rather time-consuming solution, and of course I keep pulling out something else to finish off a kit…

  4. I'll quote the gal above! I'm so glad to see I'm not the only total chaotic sewist! Sometimes I LIKE to see all the different colors, shadows, piled together, inspiring new combinations!

    Thanks for this photo!!!!

  5. I tend to do quilting creep…projects move from the sewing room to the kitchen counter…to the living room…a few in the computer room…on the wall in the laundry room (next to the ironing board.) When I have to clean for visitors and it all is herded back into the sewing room I realize there isn't near enough room back there.

  6. OMG … this is such a funny post (and so timely). My sister and her friend came for a visit last weekend ~ HORRORS!!! Not because she was coming … I had to clean off TWO BEDS because they were staying overnight! The closets are already jammed full with bins and I've lost track of what is in them. We're retiring and moving in 2-3 years and I keep telling myself that NOW is the time to get a handle on this because moving all that stuff will be expensive since it's on “our dime” this time! I drew up a floor plan for my DH recently (he asked me what I envisioned our new home to look like) and I drew a huge square which was labeled QUILT ROOM with several small rooms around it called bathroom, bedroom, porch … and purposely left the kitchen and laundry room off! He failed to see the humor …. LOL

    My vote is no more bins … they just multiple … like those “Tribbles” in Star Trek 😉

    Flatlander (Linda)

  7. You've very brave…I can't believe you're posting those pictures! Of course it looks just like my house, but I'm not posting the pictures….no way!

  8. How wonderful that you have posted real pics like these! I love to see sewing spaces. I do “cheat” & carefully take pics of only the nicer, neater parts of my studio ! Makes me feel very happy to see other people's studio that looks real, like mine. See, what we all need is “self-cleaning sewing rooms” !!!

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