Quilt requests

It seems that everyone (Keith, Adam, Chris & Becky, even Adam’s new girlfriend) wants a new quilt.

Chris tried to claim the string Tumblers but wanted it bed size so when I chose the turquoise that was out of the question because I only had 2 yards of it. So now he’s trying to talk me into another quilt and talking to Becky at the same time to figure out what color scheme they want — brown and teal (turquoise?) are what they’ve agreed to although I certainly haven’t agreed to made another quilt (yet).

Keith wants a flannel quilt before the winter — a big sofa (twin size) quilt to wrap up in during our long Minnesota winter. He has one already but he’s not fond of the colors — of course I’m going to make his and have even bought the flannel.

Adam’s Boxed Squares quilt is in progress — he wanted a lightweight quilt he could use in the summer or layer on his bed with his others during the winter but he just asked me how long it would take to make a queen size quilt for his girlfriend….. sorry Adam, girlfriends are eligible for a lap/sofa quilt ONLY, bed size quilts are reserved for wives.

It’s nice that they all want quilts but none of them should hold their breath!

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  1. “bed size quilts are reserved for wives.” That had me rolling!!! 🙂

    Adam could always make his own bed size quilt, if he really wants to, right? Actually, 4 years before I married my husband, I worked on crocheting him a queen size blanket. It took me 2 years!! We didn't even get engaged until less than a year before we got married. Thankfully he used and loved that blanket until there was too many holes in it. There after, he got quilts… they keep better! 🙂

  2. None of my kids has “ordered” a quilt. What they do is come in and see what I am working on and say “I want that.” But isn't it nice to have your “work” appreciated?

  3. And of course they always want it 'now'– or that's what it seems like, when they want it before winter. LOL. I got a chuckle out of your family all putting in their 'orders' or 'requests', complete with sizes. I LIKE the answer about lap only for girlfriends– queen size for wives. VERY good idea!

  4. How lovely that your quilts are obviously appreciated so much. Mind you, from what I've seen of them I'm considering asking you to adopt me so I can “order” one, or two, or………..

  5. I too laughed at the “wives get bed sized quilts”! Here they like fleece backed quilts to snuggle on the sofa with. I have a place I can get 90″ wide fleece, so it works up nicely. My FAVORITE brother in law Paul loves the fleece backed quilt I gave him because it doesn't slide around when he's all wrapped up in it. In fact, I guess its in big demand by his wife (my sister) and all the grandkids! Almost a waiting line to lay under it.

  6. Giggling on your comment that only wives get bed-sized quilts. I made a quilt for our oldest son's wife. Wasn't sure she appreciated a quilt or Jason for that matter. When they divorced last year, he brought the quilt home to me. He insisted on getting it back. There's many areas he still needs to “matrue” in, but he gets quilts:)

  7. sorry Adam, girlfriends are eligible for a lap/sofa quilt ONLY, bed size quilts are reserved for wives

    Thank Mary I enjoyed that statement … today laughs are desired.

    Now me on the otherhand … if DD#2 would keep a boyfriend I'd make that guy a kingsize quilt. LOL (joking, really only joking).

  8. I also love the rule about what size quilts wives & girlfriends are eligible for… will there be a wedding in the future in order to qualify for this queen size quilt? LOL!

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