1. I work as a travel nurse and cook one day a week, traditionally. I love beef stroganoff. I buy a nice steak, fresh mushrooms and herbs. Chop the herbs, add the chopped steak and a small amt of water. Simmer it down and add sour cream, fresh sliced and sauteed mushrooms with onions and garlic, and simmer for a few mins. When nice and thick, add sour cream to personal taste, and continue to simmer for a few mins. Serve over rice or noodles, yummy for @ 4 meals for one. Don't forget the linen nappie and tablecloth!

  2. PB&J is one of my absolute favorites … breakfast, lunch or dinner!

    Linda (Flatlander)

  3. No, never…when Andy's out of town it's Lean Cuisine in the microwave. Cooking would take away from sewing time. LOL!

  4. My husband also travels and my favorite is cereal. I love the new photo, can't imagine that was take in Minnesota this year.

  5. I thought I was on the wrong website–your new photo surprised me. Great smile, great hat.

    Bless the microwave. Most of my cooking is done that way for the 2 of us.

  6. I do, all the time, and I make myself fancy meals, and I always use a complete table setting and a cloth napkin. I love cooking as much as I love sewing.

    Of course, I live alone, so if I didn't cook…

  7. HA! I love this! I rarely cook a full meal when my husband is travelling. The kids won't eat what I cook (they always want nuggets or mac n cheese) so I usually grab a yogurt or something out of the freezer. When husband is home and I cook a full meal, I will usually try to fix extra and pop individual servings in the freezer, so I at least have something home made, but that just hasn't seemed to happen much lately. 🙂

  8. the presentation! the consistency of the peanut butter! what a marvelous dinner service choice (so complimentary to the jam)! it's clear you're a pro!

  9. Cooking when hubs is out of town it's pbj, Cheerios, or grilled cheese for any meal. Sometimes I throw in a salad just for health benefits. 🙂

  10. LOL. That looks like my dinner! Jim is in CO so I am staying out of the kitchen. Of course, he would say I do that on a regular basis anyway.

  11. I seldom cook for one. I raid the premade meals at the local market. They have several entrees for one or two. That way I don't get stuck in the PB&J rut or stop for fast food.

  12. Wait a second….Am I the only one? I cook for a family of 5 and eat out about twice a week…my grandmother always had a cook…I'm trying to figure out how to make that happen!

  13. I make soup every Monday, with lots of veges. Fresh frozen or can.
    Put lots of tomatoes & tomato sauce too. Usually no meat. The soup will last along time. You have a healthy meal, night or day!!!

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