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What’s on your computer desktop? I always use one of my photos and they change fairly frequently. Until recently I had one from our Ireland trip but this is the current one. I know there’s snow on the ground but it’s the view from my front porch and I love the colors in this photo taken early one morning.

What do you want to bet that when we get back from vacation this will change to a sunset on the gulf photo?

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  1. I pretty much always have a grandchild photo on my desktop. Since there are 7 of them, there are many opportunities to change the “scene”.
    I enjoy reading about your extremely prolific quilting life, Mary.
    I'm Suzanne's mother.

  2. The current one on my computer at home is a picture of my son and his new cello. The home computer always sports a picture of him.

    The background on my computer at work is usually a landscape photo of some serene spot. It's a photo that gives me the feeling of looking out a window, since I am in a cubicle and have none. If it's not a landscape, it's a photo of outer space, usually taken from the Hubble. I get them from APOD. (Astronomy Photo of the Day.)

  3. Currently, I have a photo of Cathedral Rock, in the Sendona, AZ area up. I also like to have nature pictures to look at. Some times my family makes it to the desktop!

  4. I usually have photos of my nephews. Right now at home I have one of my older nephew and I in our Easter outfits and at work I have my younger nephew.

  5. When we found the land we're going to build our retirement home on(Northern Michigan, near Traverse City) we snapped pictures like crazy so that we could “transport” ourselves back there in our minds. My desktop at work is the tree lined road that we drive down to reach our property … it “beckons” me whenever I'm stressed out at work and need to escape. One of the computers at home (we have several) has a favorite picture of our late pet (Ashley Ann) who is “smiling” at us. Great topic, Mary!

    Flatlander (Linda)

  6. Brrrr! That's pretty, though! I have about 400 pictures of tropical beaches on my desktop – I use the Webshots Desktop and they're all free downloads. It's also my screensaver. Sometimes my mom comes over and we just watch the pictures, lol!

  7. Always a photo of our 5-year old daughter, also updated frequently… currently it is one of her end-of-year ballet recital from a couple of weeks ago.

  8. I change the desktop seasonally or when I take a picture I like better. Flowers, a backyard rainbow, vacation photos or a Rhode Island beachscape.

  9. Our desktop photo is changed quite frequently, it currently has a photo of DD1 falling off her horse mid-air, courtesy of DH, he know just how to get a bite out of her LOL!

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