A visit from Deb tomorrow

She's going to drive down to sit by the pool and have lunch with me.
She wasn't thrilled with the idea of wearing a bathing suit in public
but heck no one knows us here!

I'll even be brave and share a photo of me by the pool today!

I finished up a Sherlock Holmes story -A Study in Scarlet -yesterday
and today have been reading a biography of Victoria and Albert.


  1. Hey Mary, when you adopt me, I'll have to come and live with you right? Then I can have you make me a quilt, read all your quilt books AND go on holiday with you. (gg)

  2. I'd like a pic of you and Deb together. It can be a head shot if you like 🙂
    It sounds like you're in an “English” period with your reading.

  3. I'd love to know how ou liked the V&A bio. I almost picked it up at the store yesterday. I really love history. Books that put my family to sleep-Love all the detail. Here's one for you that's fun. “A Voyage Long & Strange” by Tony Horwitz. It's a bok they should make all kids read in school instead of the crap they offer for history now.
    Have fun in the sun!

  4. That's awesome that Deb is coming! Have fun. But I'm with her on the whole swimsuit in public thing. Had my fears last year at Disney then figured I'd never see them again so what the heck! Have a great lunch and relaxing vacation! Have you peaked in on Chesty on the doggie daycare cam lately? I work in Dallas and there are tons of doggie daycares. I love driving by them on my way to work and see them all out playing and having fun. Makes a good start to my day. Jenn

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