1. I envy your leisure. I'm doing heavy cleaning and organizing.
    Enjoy every minute of your free time.
    It's a rare find.

  2. Mary, as a pale fellow Minnesotan (with Scandinavian blood), that's exactly how I “sun bathe”! I guess shade bathing is more accurate.

  3. “Minnesota Pale” is the healthy way to go. (Sadly, too many people think a tan is healthy.) I am proud of you for seeking shade and wearing a hat.

  4. Have a dermatology appt. tomorrow for treatment of pre-cancerous spots on my face. Been dealing with this the past few years. The sins of previous years of sun-bathing catching up with me. You are doing it the smart way… where I used to seek out the sun in the middle of the day, I now lather up in sunscreen and avoid those “high sun” hours like the plague!

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