Looked a little scary when I headed out to a neighborhood place for a
late lunch/early dinner but I didn't get wet (yet). Hopefully, I'll be
as lucky on the walk back home after my coffee.

13 thoughts on “Stormy”

  1. Mary,
    Did you take some pics of those clouds?
    I think we're getting your weather this evening or tonight.
    Have to agree with GARI about your new profile pic. You look very wistful/wishful in it.


  2. I really like that picture – for some reason it reminds me of an English village scene.

    As for the spammers, sometimes I'll get lots on one post, then won't get any for weeks. I think they pick up on certain words.


  3. ha! that's the day we had the tornado at the cabin in spicer… thankfully i was already on the road to MPLS. Actually i was in Grubers Fabrics in St. Cloud, when I heard the “TAKE COVER” alarm on the radio if you lived in the spicer area! Did buying more Fabric save my life? hA! nice thought.


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