Do you Wii

Baseball anyone?? The first time I tried I didn’t hit a single ball but trust me I kept trying until I could hit a home run!

Another toy? Chris has a netbook that he was eager to show me so of course I had to run out to Best Buy and get one for me. I love it! A lot smaller and lighter than the laptop but much easier to use than the phone.


  1. OK, this time I was ahead of you: I have a Wii (I do Wii Fit) and I also have a Netbook which I took with me to the beach this weekend (it usually resides in my studio). We love our tech toys, don't we?

  2. My DD has a Wii, and I have played on it whith DGS's, but it's a bit much when the 7yo can beat me at bowling, golf, tennis and rounders, (gg). Great fun though.

  3. Our 19 year old got the 12 year old a Wii for her birthday this year….love the horse racing game!! You actually have to jump to get your hours to jump over hurdles and everytime I do it I get the giggles. 🙂

  4. I'm going to get a little netbook for travelling. I have 2 big trips coming up and I'm waiting for the back to school specials. I can't wait to get one. I think they're an amazing deal for the price.

  5. That's the one my DH wants been trying to talk him outta it so I can get it for him for christmas but we will see. Not tried the Wii yet.

  6. James got a Wii about a year ago. We love the bowling and I've got my eye on the work-out program. I've heard good things about it. A friend who uses it looks great since she started doing it every morning.
    Have fun!

  7. I'm afraid I don't even know what a Netbook is… It looks like a small computer. No? I did try out WII this summer with my niece and nephew. We did training exercises. I need more training!

  8. Mary, please tell me about that Netbook! I am wondering because my Dad is very hard of hearing and I am thinking he would like a small laptop so he can type back and forth on the screen with someone and have a “conversation” (face to face – not on-line – instead of writting on a piece of paper). Does it have a word processing system? And do you think the keys are too small for a man with large hands? I've never seen one in person before but your post has caught my eye!

  9. We just got our Wii and Wii Fit so the jury is still out, but I like it so far. I was just telling my mother in law that I am the least computer/gamer type person but I personally own a PS3,a Wii, a Nintendo DS Lite, and a laptop, and would like to have the small notebook one day. I am amazed every day what kind of things are out there.

  10. lol I know! I have honestly never played a video game in my entire life. But my kids wanted to get their dad a Wii for quite sometime…because he's always playing *air guitar.* So…we got him Guitar Hero for the Wii for Father's day…and I got Wii Fit. Guess who's addicted!?! (Just to Wii Fit though…it's great stuff!)

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