How did I not know this??

Sheila is my new BEST friend! She suggested I google the page and then click on “cached” which is beside the linked address and it worked — they’re all there so I can even go back in and check the ones I reloaded last night to make sure I didn’t leave anything important out.
I’ll still have to reload the photos and cut and paste the text in but I keep all my photos used in a tutorial in their own folder already resized for the page so it won’t be difficult.
Thanks to everyone who checked their files for me – you can bet I’ll be more carefull about keeping copies of ALL the pages.

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  1. I'm so glad you were able to recoup the tutes. I use cache for pages that I want to link back to but I didn't even think of you being able to use it!

    Thumbs up for Google and Sheila.

  2. Sorry you've been having problems with your website. That would be a nightmare for sure! It is good to have computer savy friends!

  3. Thanks for all your work to restore your files – your ideas and designs are really great and I appreciate all the info you share! Glad the Google tip was so helpful!

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