Are you a speed piecer?

I’m not. I piece blocks in sets, throw them up on the design wall and admire them for a while. See those bright reds? They were scattered across the top but kept distracting me so I put them to work creating a secondary diamond.

40 blocks done, I need to make a decision about borders soon. I usually don’t border my string quilts but I think I want this larger without having to make it 2 rows wider.

On to binding for a bit.


  1. I am liking this quilt a lot , oh go for making a few more blocks it will be worth it in the end!
    you probably have more strips and then you don't have to yardage on the borders 🙂
    looks like you have had a productive night

  2. extra points for secondary designs. good eye
    I tend to throw it together and am not much of a 'wall' person. However you are showing that it pays to take a minute and 'look'.

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