I’m losing time here

In updating my MaryQuilts.com site, I’ve been searching for the perfect WordPress template that I can customize and well, it’s just not to be found so last night I downloaded a software program that allows me to build my own theme, customize it, and then upload it to WordPress.
So after setting my my site, I decided I would redesign the HeartStrings site — only that one is hosted on Yahoo and I had one glitch after another so I decided to move it to BlueHost.com which is where I host my site. It was a bit of a challenge to transfer the domain over BUT the good news is that I can host it using my current space so in the end I’ll save about $150 a year. I’m also going to combine the blog and the website into one. Who knows, if it works well for HeartStrings, I might just do the same for my blog and my MaryQuilts.com site.

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  1. I'm all about saving $$$. I am thinking about redesigning my blog. I seem to do it about every 3-4 months. Maybe I get bored with it, I dunno. I like to get a bit geeky every now and then and tweaking the ole blog satisfies that urge. Do you have a pro/con comparison between blogger and wordpress?

  2. I have found that since retirement, my interest in tech stuff has gone down. I think it is because I don't feel like dealing with the frustration (I used to like the challenge). But I still love seeing what other people can do. Oh, I love your new picture!

  3. LOL – yeah OK, what you said. Hey as long as it rocks your boat and you know how to get back to land I say have a nice trip.

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