Poor Chesty

He just doesn’t know what’s going on around here….I finally headed up to bed around 5PM after getting about 6 hours sleep in the last two days but woke up at 1AM. Had to get up to walk Chesty (yes in the middle of the night!) ate a bowl of cereal, cleaned out my inbox and now I’m going to check in on a few blogs and then upstairs and see if I can’t sleep a couple more hours.

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I’m losing time here

In updating my MaryQuilts.com site, I’ve been searching for the perfect WordPress template that I can customize and well, it’s just not to be found so last night I downloaded a software program that allows me to build my own theme, customize it, and then upload it to WordPress.
So after setting my my site, I decided I would redesign the HeartStrings site — only that one is hosted on Yahoo and I had one glitch after another so I decided to move it to BlueHost.com which is where I host my site. It was a bit of a challenge to transfer the domain over BUT the good news is that I can host it using my current space so in the end I’ll save about $150 a year. I’m also going to combine the blog and the website into one. Who knows, if it works well for HeartStrings, I might just do the same for my blog and my MaryQuilts.com site.

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Pineapple Quilts

I taught Mom to make the Pineapple quilt from the Quilt in a Day book using their 12.5 inch ruler and this was her 3rd one.
I pieced mine a couple years ago after Sandra from Stashbuster showed me the book and how she makes the blocks. She suggested 1.75 inch strips (they’re trimmed down) which is what I used. I’m just waiting for Accuquilt to come out with a 1.75 inch strip cutter for the GO cutter so I can make another!
I really recommend this method for making them.

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Lots of fun stuff in the mail today. First, a pineapple top pieced by Mom. I’ll quilt it and we’ll donate it at Christmas along with another one we’ve already finished.

These two tops are from my friend Cecile – I’ll quilt these and donate them (they’re both so cute!)
And from Nancy, a stack of backings already pieced for my HeartStrings quilts. I can’t tell you what a huge time saver it is to have backings pieced for so many of the donation tops. Between Sheree, Tish, and these ones from Nancy I’m in good shape and I’ll be sending some of the backings to Maine next month for the quilts we’re going to tie at the sew-in.

Now I need to go write thank you emails and let everyone know their goodies arrived safely.