Tesselating Quilt

I’ve finished 3 UFO’s this month but hadn’t photographed any of them yet so I tossed this one up on the design wall today. I rarely make a quilt from a book although I’m frequently inspired by them – this was an exception. It’s from the book Tesselation Quilts.


I love how the blowing leaves pantograph looks on it.


A change in plans

I had plans for today … the movers called this morning and said they would deliver tomorrow so I was going to sew a little and then take down the tables and clear a wide space in the sewing room for all the bins and boxes … then they called back and said they would be here by 6pm so I ran around like crazy throwing stuff in closets and shifting thing around.

I thought I was being smart 3 and a half years ago when we moved from Minneapolis. A lot of our stuff went to Big Canoe because we were going to be in the South FL apartment for an undetermined period of time, then when Keith’s Mom died we bought the Tampa townhouse and promptly started filling it up. Trying to combine the stuff we want to keep from Big Canoe along with the stuff we bought here has been a big challenge and before it’s all over, I may be donating furniture that just doesn’t work here or with the stuff we have here…… and I still have no idea where I’m going to store all that fabric and the sewing supplies.

Can I just say this is going to be a complete mess!


Packing up

We head home in the morning and I admit I’m tired down to my bones and mentally exhausted. I’m looking forward to some time in my sewing room before the moving van arrives some time between the 8th and 20th …. my price to pay for not having a larger load! I’ve packed up all our personal items and my sewing room and it’s all coming to Tampa. In a few months, we’ll put Big Canoe on the market.


2017 Activity

Right up front I’ll tell you that December was a terrible month for me from a walking/activity standpoint but with all the travel and getting ready for a move, I’m not surprised. When I get overwhelmed, the first thing that goes is my “exercise” time.
Overall I’m pleased with my numbers for 2017 – my total miles for the 2017 Challenge = 1650.72 miles and that translated into a daily average of 10,430 steps – some days were more, some days less but I’m very happy with the average!


We’ve all signed up for the challenge again next year … me, Keith, Chris, and Adam …. and Becky is going to join us too. It’s a great way to interact as a family while we all try to be more active.