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I have a list of blogs I read but I admit few inspire me as much as Terri’s. She’s an amazing longarm quilter and she’s just started weaving – something that kind of fascinates me although I’ve been able to resist so far. Her weaving posts have me researching looms and watching classes (thanks to my Craftsy unlimited membership).

There’s just too much going on this year to even thing about adding weaving to my crafty adventures but if Terri keeps sharing the wonderful projects she’s working on I’ll be tempted to explore it in a small way – maybe next year!

Terri’s blog post on her latest weaving project – you’ll want to add her to your blog reader!


  1. I have a friend that did a lot of weaving 30 years ago and the creativity is almost boundless. It was a hobby that became too expensive for her teacher’s salary and then she sold her loom. To replace the one she sold would cost over 1500 dollars today and her teacher’s salary didn’t get any better over the years. To buy the accessories and a start up grouping of supplies is out of reach. We considered pitching in but again long term it just isn’t possible. I also have a friend who raises alpaca. He sells his wool? to the shearer every year. he just loves the cuties.

  2. I’ve been tempted by weaving, too, as many in the Fiber Guild bring such luscious fabrics for Show & Tell. Spinning is another temptation. Sigh. . .too many things grab my attention.

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