Quilts for Bronco’s

I sewed today! Seems like it’s been weeks but I guess I did make a little progress last week. Today I finished assembling the top I’m sending off to Canada. You can see the details for the project at this link. They were asking for blocks, tops, or finished quilts made with a specific block/color choices and while I usually like to finish my own quilts – I decided to make a top to send because of the May 18 deadline.

Do you send handwritten notes anymore? I have a few occasions I do and like to keep notecards on hand. These are one of my favorites since most times I’m writing to send my love or support. They’re even in the appropriate team color in this case – Aren’t they cute? The top along with fabric for binding is all packed up and ready to mail.


  1. Handwritten notes are a must for certain things. It is very difficult for me to accept that a typewritten or computer generated note can share the emotion I am trying to express. For about a 3 month period 2 years ago my granddaughter wanted to receive mail. Not pre-printed cards, but rather hand printed cards that Grandma wrote for her. She still has them and shows me. She even reads what I was doing at the time including a trip to the Grand Canyon. I printed and didn’t use cursive because they don’t teach cursive but we did sit and let her write a friend in cursive.

  2. Nice quilt and I ❤️ the card.

    Handwritten notes are truly a treasure. I love writing them, but receiving them is a delight.

  3. I think someone will absolutely love the quilt. I have one block made and was hoping to get a couple more done. But if not, I’ll mail the one by itself. Handwritten notes are so nice to receive, but I must admit that I don’t write them myself often enough.

  4. Thank you so much for your donation to the Humboldt Broncos hockey team. Your top is wonderful and will be much appreciated. I also made 4 blocks to send to them to show my support!

    Tammy Morrow
    High River, Alberta, Canada

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