1. I just love reading your posts and seeing all the lovely quilts you show; and your tutorials for the Heartstrings are fabulous….I sincerely hope that you are feeling better. My thoughts and prayers are going out to you….hugs Julierose

  2. I so enjoy reading your thoughts, seeing your photos, hearing about your family and Finn. You and Keith will be in my thoughts and prayers as you go through this. Hopefully you will get lots of pictures of the precious grandchildren to keep you going on hard days!

  3. As you know, I don’t necessarily check in here everyday. I had to scroll back to see what was going on… Ugh!! I didn’t see THAT coming. Guess you didn’t either, did you?

    You will find that keeping a journal can be very helpful. The “medical notebook” was a crucial part of DS2’s treatment 5 years ago. It still goes with us to his annual follow-up “Studies.” During his nearly 2 months in-patient, he had a revolving door of caregivers and the notebook saved him from duplicate treatments on a number of occasions. It’s good practice to keep a record of how things progress, questions to be asked, and have a place to write down the responses for future consultation/consideration/verification

    Think healing thoughts!

  4. Good morning Mary ~ Just “found” your blog again after missing some of your updates. I am so sorry to hear about your thyroid cancer diagnosis and all that is ahead of you. Know that your quilting followers are behind you sending prayers and positive energy your way. You have been added to my prayer jar. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  5. You have given so much to me with your blogging and patterns. I am giving you my daily prayers for you, Keith, your children and your mother and the rest of your extended family. This is a journey you will all take and please know that many of us are walking alongside you. So many of your quilt patterns have been downloaded by me and made for those going through cancer treatments. I hope there is a special quilt for you to take along this journey. Thank you for all you have done for your quilty friends. Now let us carry you.

  6. hi
    I too want to be on your list of well wishers
    as you travel through your medical journey
    as a nurse I realize how fortunate we are
    to live during this amazing time of treatments for cancer
    the diagnosis does not need to have
    the dire connotations it had in the distant past
    so much to add to your grateful journal
    am planting a foxtail lily in your name
    and as it flourishes…am sure you will as well
    gardening along with quilting are my passions
    tipping my floppy gardening hat to you…
    take time to raise your face to the sun…with sunscreen of course……
    Pauline from Canada

  7. Mary, as you travel down this cancer path, remember all who care about you and are praying. The family, friends and Finn are your fine support system! You are loved! Your quilting and knitting will help kept you busy and productive which you thrive on. Life is good even when throw a sinker. God bless! Cris in Wa

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