A first time for everything

In the hundreds of quilts I’ve bound I’ve never sewn the binding on wrong — with the raw edges facing the wrong way — until today. Luckily, I didn’t get too far before I figured it out. I picked out the stitching and redid it and now the ladybug Drunkard’s Path is ready for hand stitching.

Other than binding, I worked on sewing some of the Happy Blocks for Maine.

I have a few more “kitted” up but soon I’ll need to do some more cutting.


  1. With everything going on in your life, it doesn’t surprise me that you got distracted when sewing the binding. Love the Happy Blocks you are making.

  2. They made seam rippers for sewing mistakes and mistakes for people to realize they are human. You have now proven the point just like the rest of us. Hope there are many years of sewing before it happens again.

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