A few people have asked how Finn is doing … he’s great!! At times, still a lot of puppy over-excitement like when Keith came home tonight after being gone for 3 days but he’s gotten very easy. He even lets me nap which I’m thankful for since he usually gets up around 7am give or take an hour and when I don’t get to sleep before 4ish, I need a nap! Luckily, Keith does the morning shift when he’s in town and I get to sleep late. We spend a lot of time in the library …


  1. Hi Mary – still enjoying your blog, but find I can use the like button because I am not a blogger! I also noticed that the number of likes you are getting is low so may be that is the problem

  2. What a handsome guy! I’m glad you have Finn as a companion when Keith is gone, and that Finn allows you to have a nap.

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