Last week was stay at home week #14 and I’m a couple days late but this top of Mom’s is #14 and I’m caught up again. Pantograph is Ebb and Flow.

Doesn’t Finn look like he’s up to no good?! He was groomed today and I got a bunch of errands done so all in all it was a productive day for me.

11 thoughts on “Quilted

  1. Florence

    Your mom always amazes me. These fish appliques are fabulous! This quilt must have been specially made for someone who loves fishing. And I agree that your quilting looks like a
    current in a stream. Just perfect!
    And Finn? He has so much personality — his expressions are so funny.


  2. Yes, Finn looks like he was caught in the act. His face is so expressive: he must be a wonderful companion.

    The quilting is perfect for the fish quilt, as it looks like water.


  3. Oh! It took me a couple of reads to realize the quilting pattern was “Ebb and Flow”, not the fish design. I think that would be an excellent name for the quilt itself–what a lovely piece of art your mother and you created.

    That Finn! Looks like he could be a contender for “Top Model”: fill the frame, Finn! Smize!!


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