Border on

I do have a little self discipline left! In spite of wanting to start something new, I buckled down and cut and pieced the bricks for the Flock of Geese top. I’m traveling Thursday and I probably won’t even get a chance to sew tomorrow as I do laundry, pack, and everything else I need to do to get ready so it made more sense to finish something rather than start a new project.

That border looks wavy but that’s just because Finn was anxiously waiting for his supper and I didn’t take enough time to smooth the top out on the design wall before snapping the photo.

9 thoughts on “Border on

  1. pennyguglie

    Gorgeous. I wish I could make things that come together that well.

    I gave away a quilt my husband convinced me to put aside for a need. That was Sunday and my great nephew’s best friend is having a kidney transplant and that became my need. 2 days is a long time for me to hold onto a finished quilt. My quilts tend to be simple and cute, but that is what this 15 year old needs.


  2. Valerie Chapman-Stockwell

    The quilt is lovely! I’m going to have to try the brick border on one of my quilts–such a nice frame!


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