Today was a travel day …. I never did get to sleep last night and Keith drove me to the airport at 3:45 am! He’s good to get up that early isn’t he? Mom and Kevin met me at the airport in Newport News and we visited the cemetery before heading to North Carolina. Since we’ve all moved out of Newport News now, it’s good to have a reason to fly there to visit Dad’s grave.

We checked into the hotel, had dinner with some of Mom’s family and then played cards for a little while in the hotel lobby. I thought Mom was going to win but Kevin surged ahead of both of us!


  1. Ugh the thought of a sleepless night makes me hurt all over. Looks like great family fun. Hope you have a great time.

  2. Always love seeing your beautiful mom on the blog. Welcome to North Carolina! Have fun on your visit.

  3. Enjoy your family time! I was able to visit my grandparents and great-grandparents’ graves in 2 different cemeteries in Kansas 2 weeks ago while visiting there. Also learned some interesting info on why people where buried in certain cemeteries. And had a wonderful visit with 9 of my cousins, and 1 aunt.

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