My BIL’s birthday was yesterday and I knew my Mom and sister planned to have cake to celebrate but I was surprised when I came back from my walk before dinner to find out the birthday celebration was not only for him but for my brother who has a birthday in a couple weeks and for my June 2nd birthday too!

Decorations, cake, and some photo fun!

I’m really enjoying the kayaking too … the house we rent is on the sound and has a dock and channel that allows us to jump in the kayaks and paddle right out to the sound …

I went by myself Monday using Ann’s kayak (Chris wasn’t able to bring mine as planned).

Yesterday, Ann and I went out together. I rented a couple kayaks for the week so I’d be able to kayak and anyone else that wanted to would be able to also.


  1. Well, Happy Birthday to you all! Your family is a lot of fun — hope your good weather continues for the rest of the week!

  2. Hope the birthday celebration was amazing and that your kayaking continues to bring you joy. Out in the middle of the water is my happy place unless I am in a fish run with hundreds of fish jumping over the boat. It only happened once so know that bringing it up makes me laugh.

  3. I’m looking at your bare legs in the sun and hoping you have on lots of sunscreen. Looks like a good time for everyone.


  4. Happy birthday! You look like you are having fun! I’ve been kayaking once and had a great time though two in our party took spills… and as I remember, it was rather pricey… but memories shouldn’t be measured by a price tag!

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