I dislike sashing quilts but now that we’re finished I like how this one looks. This is Truitt’s quilt and we placed the t-shirts in an Attic Window setting and needed some narrow black sashing between the blocks. My first partial seam was way off so I had Mom re-press some seams and I re-sewed it.


I brought the rain with me to Virginia I think – Keith is Home getting drenched by the storm in the gulf and yesterday, I never did get out for a walk. Today, I managed to get a walk in before the weather turned bad.


I think Finn is missing me – Keith is having to give him a little more attention!



  1. This t-shirt quilt is looking wonderful. I have been avoiding making one. I used to make all my clothes. Woven cottons always then we had a Stretch and Sew shop in the next town over (San Rafael, CA). Learned to sew with cotton knits. After we got married and were living here in the Palm Springs area, I took a shirtmaking class, and a men’s pant making class. For the pants, think back to the days of polyester pants. They were in. But I did it, and did both very well. We had babies then and had no $$$. DH was a teacher and I was a stay at home mom. I made all the boy’s t-shirts and shorts. Jammies too. I knitted sweaters for them in those days too. I bought their jeans at Sears. Bought their undies at Penny’s. We had very little money as teacher’s did not make much. Child care cost more than I made, even working for the school system in their main office. I ended up doing well in the school system but could have also done well doing other stuff. But, we made it through and were able to put two through college. We have always lived in the same home and the neighborhood has greatly changed from being full of families and kids. The last original owner on our street is putting her home up for sale (her husband passed away recently). We still love it here with all our new neighbors. Whew, enough said tonight.!

  2. Thanks for bringing the rain!

    I have been getting back to walking, but new shoes have made it a little harder. They look like the old shoes, but I am feeling it in my calves.

    The t-shirt quilt looks wonderful. How will you quilt over the designs? I am always curious. I made one but I wasn’t very adventurous with the sashing.

  3. Great job on the T-shirt quilt. Of course Finn is missing you and I bet you are missing him.

  4. Hi Mary. How did you treat the t-shirts? I would like to make a t-shirt quilt but don’t know how to stabilize the material. Love your work.

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