I’d forgotten that I had the small tumblers cut out of my leftover fat quarter bits sitting out on the table I use with the GO so rather than starting to cut my half square triangles, I assembled the tumbler doll quilt and made a couple more 16 patch blocks. Hopefully I’ll get to cutting my blue scraps tomorrow.

This top is about 24 inches square for those of you wondering. I usually make whatever size that will use most of my leftovers and I used every one of the tumblers I cut in this top.

Sometimes I wonder if these little quilts are taking up too much of my quilting time but I do love being able to use up the leftover bits rather than putting them aside in a drawer or bin and it’s nice to work on small projects sometimes.

5 thoughts on “Distracted

  1. The doll quilt is so cute done with the tumblers. I just bought a 5” tumbler ruler/template. I’m looking forward to using it with a couple of charm packs I’ve been saving.


  2. We sure do love our GO cutters. Wish I had room for the studio. I really debated that when I bought mine. Now I would love the electric one.

    Love the tumbler doll quilt. That will make a sweet little girl very happy!


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