Cast off

I finished knitting my Be Simple Variation scarf last night and cast off. I am completely addicted to knitting scarves even though I have no need of them here in FL. I’ve got several I’ve made that I wear when I travel but I keep making them and look for places to donate them. When I was in VA last week, Mom mentioned that they requested yarn donations for a group of women at her church who knit and crochet for those in need. I think I will see if they will accept finished scarves. I should get back to knitting some hats too but for now I’ve got a couple more scarves planned.

This photo includes the blue/green scarf I just finished and I need to weave ends in on all of them. I’ve already cast on a new scarf with the purple yarn.


I’m using the TGV pattern for this one and I debated whether to start this fingering yarn version or use a light worsted weight yarn …. I think I will do both. Here’s the next skein of Miss Babs Yowza along with the last scarf I finished in this yarn – also waiting for me to weave the ends in.


I’m not a fast knitter but I like to keep a project or two on my needles and I always travel with something to knit in my bag.


  1. It’s fun to knit scarves and small shawls, but it can be difficult to find recipients. I hope the group will welcome your contributions. ❤️ your finished scarves/shawls and the luscious yarn colors.

  2. Your blog is one I really look forward to each day whether quilting, knitting, traveling or family. But the scarves are always a highlight and every one just gorgeous. You have a gift for choosing the fiber.

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