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We put in a new patio fence this week. We have to wait a couple months before painting it but I’m happy to have a working gate! We spend more time on the front porch but it will be nice to be able to go in and out of the patio this summer when the kids are visiting and to be able to feed them snacks and lunch outside when they’re wet from being in the pool.


It’s one more item off our list of things that need updating. We’ve been here 3 years as of this month and you’d think we’d be done by now but nope …we still have projects waiting. The most urgent one right now is remodeling the small downstairs half bathroom. We had a plumber in to reseat the toilet and found that there had been some leaking around the seal and the subfloor needs to be repaired. We’ll take that opportunity to replace the pedestal sink with a new vanity and of course the tile will have to come up and be replaced too. Hopefully we can get it done soon because it’s inconvenient  to have to run upstairs to the bathroom all the time!

It’s getting hot here and after a walk (5.5 miles) we enjoyed some pool time this afternoon. There’s a very casual outdoor restaurant/bar that we walk to where we can grab a bit to eat and drink a beer even in the summer.


Keith’s heading out tomorrow so I might get a little sewing in.

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