I’d planned to have this 16 patch top assembled last week but didn’t get around to it. Now it’s done and will wait it’s turn for quilting.


I’m not a perfectionist and my seam ripper doesn’t get used that much but I do try to get the best results I can by pressing well and pinning – it takes extra time but it’s worth it.


I love it when my seams line up so nicely!


8 thoughts on “Assembled

  1. So glad you have Finn to keep you company and agree, there are some great family photos here. I can see an album page(s) with photos of Mary and Becky at the top looking over the family photos below.

    Yep Mary, use that seam ripper at little less these days too! Love your latest 16-patch.


  2. Hi Mary. My email is down today but thought you might like to read this update on the “Quilts for Humboldt” campaign. Sounds like it was a big success. Thanks for helping! Denise


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