Father’s Day

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I’m feeling somewhat sorry for myself this week having missed time with Keith and the boys but I’m so glad that they had the time together.  It’s not often they get to spend Father’s Day or Father’s Day week together ( Adam had to leave on Thursday).


Having a “good” cancer can be kind of hard – on one hand I DO feel extremely grateful – on the other hand, it is still stressful and disruptive, and life changing.

It’s funny but as I approached my 57th birthday a couple weeks ago, Dad was on my mind even more than usual – he was diagnosed with cancer at 57 and gone the day after his 59th birthday. I know this cancer isn’t going to kill me but I worry about the ways it’s going to change my life. We don’t know the full extent and won’t for a few months but we do know it’s already spread to the lymph nodes and invaded the vascular system – still I’m grateful that thyroid cancer is a slow growing, treatable cancer.

I know I said I wasn’t going to dwell on this here on the blog and I won’t but as my next surgery approaches this week it’s obviously what I’m focused on.


  1. Just the word Cancer is very stressful, and it is actually healthier for you to talk about it instead of trying to keep it in. You know we all care about you and are either praying for you or thinking positive thoughts for you. Hoping your surgery is in and out same day.

  2. Being ill – even with something treatable – is stressful and, as you said, is life changing in some way. And cancer is scary. So dwelling on it is going to be natural. Positive thoughts are coming your way!

  3. Praying for you that you would be strengthened in your inner man to know and trust God day by day.

  4. Mary, you bring us all so much joy with your blog! We are happy to share some of your pain – no life is without it and it is natural that we measure our lifespan by our parents’ lifespans. Just don’t invest it with so much reality that it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Wish I was closer and could give you some big hugs.

  5. I think it is natural for you to have these thoughts. Just the word “cancer” is very scary to all of us, but yours is one of the most treatable as you know. Sharing your thoughts and feelings is therapeutic for you, so don’t hesitate to do that with us. Cancer has touched us all in some way. In my case, my parents, my husband, a close friends daughter, a favorite aunt, and now a good friends husband. We are here for you.

  6. You are in my nighty prayers. Hard to not to share what you are experiencing this is your blog you can write what you like. It is a journal of what is happening with you and your family and at this time it includes cancer. Prayers for safe surgery and complete healing.

  7. It’s normal to talk about our fears and there are always people who will want to comfort you. Don’t be afraid to accept that comfort now. Many of us will pray for your healing. I’ve gone through many life changing events-but not cancer, and I’ve learned that I grow spiritually stronger each time I get over that hill. So will you.

  8. Agree completely with all the above comments. It is an awful thing to deal with Talking will help all the time. Lung cancer was my surprise a while ago. Speaking about the problem will not make it go away but give you the strength to carry on. You are in all of our prayers ;)GAIL N

  9. So happy Keith and the boys had a great time. You write this blog as an outlet and if you have your cancer on your mind constantly it is okay to share when it becomes the center of your focus. The people who read your blog have an interest in you as a person, not just you as a quilter and pattern producer. It was difficult to see the stuff about your dad and know how that must be running around in your head. I wanted to reach out and reassure you, but know that as a health professional you know more than I do about what your body is doing. Hope that this week goes well and that you have a little relief from the stress. take care of yourself!

  10. I have been missing my father also. Take comfort in knowing that many people will be praying for you. May you have strength and peace of mind as you begin your journey to recovery.

  11. It would be hard not to write about what you’re going through now. My thoughts are with you. I hope all goes well on Thursday and that you are on the road to recovery!!

  12. I’ll be praying for your peace of mind, as well as for a very positive report, recovery and recuperation period.

  13. I enjoy your blog posts and appreciate knowing you a little bit by your sharing of your personal life. Being with your family is number one for you so it’s understandable that you’d feel sad that you couldn’t be there yet happy for them that they were able to spend time together. Right now you have to focus on your treatment yet remember that you’ll be spending time with your sons and their families later. I wish you the best!

  14. hey mary
    you may recall I mentioned planting a foxtail lily in your name
    well have been patiently waiting for a sign of a green shoot
    this plant takes it’s sweet time to offer up some green
    well yesterday …VOILA…just the tiniest bit of green
    I think that it’s having made a showing before your next surgery
    is an excellent sign of good things to come
    stay strong as your followers offer our support…

  15. Mary, how could you not have some tough emotions right now. You missed the family father’s day outing, spending the time alone except for Finn, you’re thinking of the loss of your own dear father to cancer, you’re putting together t-shirt quilts in memory of a beloved sister-in-law you lost not so long ago, all while facing your own cancer diagnosis and treatment. Your situation certainly makes me think how much we need to cherish one another. Hugs and my prayer will be for a good outcome Thursday.

  16. Prayer has gone up for you. Keep up the good thoughts as you continue down this path. Remember many are here to support you. And, you have family that love you dearly. Cris Hall

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