More help

I had more help from Chris and Becky today … first up they laid out my focus wall they’d originally created for me at Big Canoe.


And then Chris hung it all …


Becky helped arrange some things for me in the library and cooked dinner for us. I felt very spoiled!! I can depend on the two of them for anything ! They’re the best kids and I’m very fortunate to have them.


  1. You are indeed lucky! The wall arrangement is beautiful and who doesn’t love it when someone else cooks dinner for us. And they brought the kids. Happy for you. Makes times go a little faster.

  2. I’m also so grateful for helpful and loving children, not everyone has that. Your wall looks great!

  3. Awesomeness! Wonderful to love and be loved. Especially when you’re recovering from surgery!

  4. The wall looks really nice. You deserve a little pampering and I’m sure they enjoy doing things for you.

    • It was really nice, they left today but we got a lot done when they were here and I got to play with my girls!


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