My upstairs A/C unit is not cooling … and it’s July in FL! You might be wondering how that makes me lucky? Luckily, we have two units and the one downstairs IS working.

Our Tampa townhouse is a large, two story house with 3 bedrooms upstairs. Because of my quilting, we only have one guest bedroom upstairs and since we need two bedrooms when either of the boys visit us, we have a daybed and trundle set up in Keith’s office downstairs (his office is actually the formal dining room and we added French doors for privacy).

So I’m also lucky that I have an actual bed downstairs where the air is working to sleep on tonight.


I’ve got someone coming tomorrow morning to look at it – the unit is 16 years old so I need to do some research and see if repair even makes sense.


  1. You are in Florida and that unit has been well used. We had one last 24 years, but the guy couldn’t believe it when he saw it. He said 20 years is a long life span and 15 average. You have to do maintenance and keep clean filters to get long life. I don’t know if he was pulling my leg, but we are headed for 20 on our current unit. Florida’s heat is bad, but the combination of heat and humidity is awful. I just looked up a life expectancy online and it said 10 – 15 for well maintained and 8-10 for average. I am guessing you are shopping for a new unit and just don’t know it.

  2. So glad you have AC downstairs. We just had a hot spell over the weekend but not the humidity and I am spoiled as my apt. has AC nd I used it. It is set at 78 so it doesn’t come on a lot.

  3. We have a mini-split A/C unit in our master suite. It is energy efficient and cools/heats much better than the whole house unit. If I could, I would put mini-split units throughout our house.
    How that your a/c problem will be a simple fix. Maybe just a recharge of freon is needed. Fingers crossed.

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