No regrets

It was the right time for us to sell Big Canoe and the closing went through today without any complications. I have NO regrets about the sale BUT I have 12 years of wonderful memories.


Wonderful hikes, canoeing, and kayaking.


Time with the boys and our little ones …


Memories of Chesty …


Trips with Finn …


Trips with my Mom, with Keith’s Mom …. with my sisters, his brother …my brother … too many memories to share in this one post but we will always remember the time we spent together and with our loved ones there.


  1. I remember Chesty so well. It is lovely to read your Blog again, after I lost it on a computer crash a while ago. What lovely memories you have of all that fresh air and activity.

  2. Beautiful memories of a beautiful place! Thank you for posting these photos.

  3. Always great to have memories, but as you know so well, there is something new along your path in live to make new ones. Special places, special people, special things come and go, but hopefully the memories remain.

  4. It was a beautiful place to make family memories. I’m sure it was difficult at times to keep up with maintenance from a distance.

  5. It’s nice you while you are recovering to be able to enjoy sweet family time with the kids, old and young, and take such a lovely trip down memory lane to Big Canoe. You are what we used to call a shutterbug, Mary. It’s a good thing to be as evidenced by all the fun photos. I love Caleb’s painted rock…made me chuckle to see his work of art!

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