Something new

I have so much waiting on me in the sewing room … the RWB half square triangle blocks to assemble into a top, the t-shirt quilt to trim, a backing to piece and another top to load on the longarm ….so what did I do today?! In the hour I had in the sewing room, I started a new top. The brown/green Easy Flock of Geese. This one won’t have a border.

oops!! I just noticed the first block in the photo is rotated the wrong way but I am not going back in the sewing room tonight to take another photo!


A 9 x 12 block setting would give me a quilt that is 54 x 72 which is my usual donation size but since these are guy colors, I think I’ll add an extra row to the bottom to make it 54 x 76. The block size is 6 inches finished (6.5 inches with seam allowances).


Tomorrow I’ll try to get some of the other projects moving along if only to free up the design wall but I’m looking forward to seeing how this one develops.


  1. I did a similar flock of geese quilt in blue and white many years ago. Love the pattern and those earthy colors looks so good together.

  2. It’s hard to stick with other projects when you get an idea for something new! This is going to be a wonderful quilt. Did you cut it with the Accuquilt? if so, could you say which dies?

  3. I love those squirrels! I have a couple knocking/scratching on my door but I really have to start and finish a quilt before a great niece leaces for college.

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