Tuckered out

F075A5C1-EEEA-4EEC-8160-7344B5F09FC0I love that Google photos allows me to look at my photos in different ways … by date, by album, by person, and by location. I’ve spent some time coming to terms with the sale of Big Canoe by looking through the photos taken there and last summer was definitely better than this one. Also trying give myself time to return to normal but today, I’d rather be kayaking at Big Canoe. My walk this afternoon took all of my energy and I didn’t do anything but watch the Tour afterwards.





  1. This is an ugly recovery for active people and seems to hit lots of active people. It will come, but not at the pace you want. There are a few good things with the timing, but basically you are forced to slow down and be at the mercy of the disease. You are doing great and will continue to listen to your body as it takes what it needs to fix it right.

  2. We also sold our summer place this past year and while we all miss it, I don’t miss the issues that always needed repair and attention. Wishing you continued progress in your recovery:)

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