I mentioned a while back that I’ve been tempted to get into weaving after watching what Terri has been creating on her loom … but I’ve got way too much on my to do list to even think of taking up a new hobby even if I do have more than enough yarn here! So recently my sister Debbie started posting on Facebook about her new loom and weaving efforts … imagine my surprise this morning to open a package from her with this lovely woven shawl. Which of course led to a text conversation about looms! NO … I am not buying a loom … at least not this year! This will be nice for those dinners in over cooled Florida restaurants or when traveling – I always get cold in airports


In the meantime, I’ll continue to enjoy my knitting! Progress is being made on another donation scarf while we watched the Tour de France.



  1. Love this. What kind of loom does Debbi have? What weight yarn is this? I think I need to try this!

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