I’m still sorting through the last few bins and I came across this UFO – I haven’t seen it in years and it wasn’t even on my UFO list because I didn’t know where it was.

The flowers are English paper pieced and there’s an EQ drawing with my original plan but I think I might just throw this together with some simple 9 patch blocks. Of course, the flowers have to be appliquéd so it won’t quick!1BBFA974-12C8-4FCD-A4C8-156754798D0D

12 thoughts on “Found

  1. Oh great that you made a drawing to go with those rosettes…I have found old projects where I have no idea where i was going with it!! Such pretty soft colors in those…I will be interested to see how you use them…hugs, Julierose


    1. Yes, but the quilt as drawn has way too much white … I like to limit the amount of white in my donation quilts … actually in any quilt! I hate the idea of quilts getting stained and not being used.



  2. Like a hidden treasure! Very pretty colors. And it reminds me that I have a whole container full of blue EPP hexies waiting to become something.


    1. I love making the flowers more than I like the idea of of appliquéing them! I have a die for my GO and one day I’d think I’m going to just hand sew one without the paper … or so I say 🙂



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