I would NOT have chosen now for any kind of remodeling but we had an issue with the toilet in the half bathroom last month and when we had the plumber out, found out there had been a small leak (who knows how long) and we needed to replace the subfloor. That meant the tile had to come up and since I had to redo the floor, I decided to take the opportunity to replace the pedestal sink. I had no storage in there before but now I will. There is probably another couple days of work and then we have to wait for the granite … I’m hoping it will all be done and back in use by the end of next week. Amazing how inconvenient it is to have to run upstairs every time you need to use the bathroom!


Finn is NOT a fan of having workmen in the house so I’ve been sitting with him when I’m not dealing with the contractor. Reading and knitting is all that I’ve done the last couple days.


  1. I wish I had more than one bathroom in my house. We will soon be a family of 6, but at the moment only 3 of us use the bathroom regularly. My almost four year old is hopefully close though. 😉 He has potty days, and diaper days still. Having 3 in diapers is something I was hoping to avoid, but it’s not looking good. 😛

    • Yes, if only to have somewhere to put extra toilet paper and a trash can! I’m going to spend my isolation time downstairs after my radioactive iodine treatment so having this bathroom functional is essential. I’m lucky my contractor “fit” me in!


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