It’s been a difficult week and I needed some distraction.


Dinner out and then sitting on the beach on a quilt with Keith watching the sunset.


In the last few days I have managed to finish binding the Jelly Roll quilt, bind the doll size Tumbler quilt, and finish knitting a donation scarf but I haven’t managed to photograph any of them yet.


  1. You got this Mary….
    Was this an isolation week? If it was, no fun but necessary and it will get better. Sounds as if you are making good use of the down time.
    Keeping you in thoughts and prayers each day.

  2. Hope your feeling better soon! You so rarely acknowledge being low so let’s hope you’re on the way back up! Sounds like you’ve gotten lots done, even without photos!

  3. Enjoying the sunset on the beach sounds like a good way to put a bad week behind you. I pray that the coming week will be a better one for you. Hugs

  4. Each week brings you closer to “normal” again. Your smile shows that the beach time was well timed for some earned relaxation.

  5. I hope you soon get your strength back and feel like yourself again. I think you have accomplished a lot since having your surgery. Just relax and enjoy yourself and don’t feel like you should be doing more.

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